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We at Furious Squall have a pashion for entertaining through story. We love the creative process and get joy from watching the reactions of audiences as they see our creations. We also enjoy helping others bring thier visions to life. If you would like to be part of one of our future projects, or are in need of assistence on one of yours, please let us know.

Apply Now For Our Summer Project!

Several years after the beloved COVID sci-fi pilot of Space Chronicles, it is time for the next adventure. Now with a more experienced cast and crew, better equipment and no COVID restrictions. It is time for Space Chronicles, Finding Enzo!

We have a new, exciting, fun project coming up this summer and are currently recruiting cast and crew! During this summer, Furious Squall Productions will be creating a 30-minute short film that sits in a mock Star Wars universe. This piece will be a family friendly, parody style episodic short. 


We are currently scheduled to go into production in late May or early June. Production should be 7-8 film days spread over several weeks to accommodate cast and crew schedules. This Sci-fi fantasy will require a decent amount of set building, make-up, costume creation, and VFX! These positions are unpaid but there will be imdb credits.


We are currently looking for experience in:

  • Actors

  • Fight Coordinator

  • AD

  • DP

  • Camera Operator

  • Sound (Boom, mixer)

  • Set Design/Build Out

  • Make Up Artists

  • Costume & Props

  • Editing (Editor, Colorist, VFX, Sound Design, etc.)

  • Other crew positions

Recent Entertainment Work

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